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8 06 2009


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Arcadia Lost @ Film Festival

5 06 2009

Check out the articles announcing Arcadia Lost at the LA Greek Film Festival;

Greek Hollywood Reporter

Arcadia Lost to TIFF

4 06 2009

Today Merchant Films is prepping “Arcadia Lost” to ship out to the Toronto International Film Festival. Cross you fingers!!!!

4 06 2009

The Word on the Wrap

3 06 2009

Friday is going to be the final day of shooting. I believe the wrap party is going to happen this Friday as well. Details are in the air.

I hear one of our people has come down with Pneumonia. Our UPM was sicker than a dog at the beginning of the shoot (I teased the set caught the swine – but it was just a bad cold) and all the crew members got ferouciously ill. Since then, the health of the crew and cast has wavered. Everyone is pulling through great, but it really shows what uncontrolled  issues can do. I think we have had three hospital trips now. One -I think it was Ron Ridenour who tore his ACL on the first or second day of shooting. Two – Brittany Murphy was ill. Three – Joseph Mungra has Pneumonia. Well we hope you ALL are better in time for the wrap party.

Something Wicked; Day 27 of Production

3 06 2009

Second to last Scheduled Day – Production Day 27! June 3rd, 2009

I think I am back on track now. Today’s crew call is at 1pm with the shoot beginning at 2:30pm. Location is still at Spring Blvd – AKA the Webb Residence for Something Wicked.

On set; Brittany Murphy, Shantel VanSanten, John Robinson, James Patrick Stuart, Julian Morris and Lance Rosen.

Scenes; [7 scheduled to shoot] Profile of Susan, Lights go out in house and scares Christine, mysterious message on windows, Christine screaming, strange conversations between James and Christine, Christine has her ring taken away and Bill finds Christine’s ring in the grass.

Props include; Bill’s gun, spaghetti sauce, strawberries, engagement ring, bread, helmets.

Photo Approvals…the waiting game

3 06 2009

Photo approvals have come in for actor John Robinson!!! The bad news – most of the photos I have of him feature Shantel VanSanten (co-star) and I have not received photo approvals for her yet! None of Brittany Murphy’s photos have been approved, but honestly she was under the waether and I did not get quality images of her yet. I expect fantastic shots soon!Still waiting on the approvals for Shantel VanSanten, Julian Morris, and James Patrick Stuart.